Carefree Joshua Tree Photoshoot

Romantic and Carefree Joshua Tree Photoshoot

We had so much fun with Madison and Bo out in one of our favorite places in the world! When we talked with this amazing couple about what they wanted for their Joshua Tree photoshoot, we ended up actually keeping things really simple. We wanted to highlight the dramatic landscape of the Joshua Tree desert. Then, let the beauty of Madison and Bo’s connection really shine. The grand lines and huge skies of this part of the world meant that this magnetic couple took center stage in such a beautiful way.

One of the best moments of this Joshua Tree photoshoot was right as the sun was setting during blue hour. We climbed some rocks, and Bo and Madison watched the colors change over the desert. Everything took on a beautiful dreamlike quality as the light shifted. Blue hour is the perfect time to play around with some movement and a slower shutter speed to add motion blur to the images. We love the quality that this little motion blur gave to the photos of Madison on Bo’s back. What a playful, sweet set of images!

Love in the Desert

There was something so unfiltered and raw about this Joshua Tree photoshoot. Madison and Bo showed up with 100%, and their connection truly is electric. One of the things about their relationship that we loved capturing on camera was the way they can move from joy to tenderness in a heartbeat. They’ll be laughing and spinning each other around one minute, and the next they’re looking deeply into one another’s eyes. It’s everything amazing about being in love – and it’s why we do what we do.

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Photographer: Off Path Photography
Workshop Host: Raw & Real Workshop
Makeup: Julia L. Hernandez

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