Oregon Elopement Packages and Locations (2022)

When it comes to elopements, Oregon probably doesn’t spring to mind as quickly as some other exotic destinations. But you don’t even have to look very hard to find a ton of stunningly beautiful locales in the state that might just make you say your ‘I dos’ in the spur of the moment. So, if you’re thinking of a great non-touristy place to elope, we’ve put together these Oregon elopement packages that are completely customizable to help you craft an unforgettable experience in this beautiful state.

Best Elopement Venues in Oregon

The Beaver State has a rich offering of landscapes and vistas that can be used as an elopement venue. From majestic coastlines and waterfalls to rich rainforests and mountain peaks, the state just has it all.

To give you a head start on your planning session, we’ve curated this list of highly-recommended locations that we love for our Oregon elopement packages.

#1 – Cape Kiwanda

If you’re a beach-loving couple who’d like to enjoy taking a dip in the ocean right after saying your “I do’s”, then Cape Kiwanda would be an awesome venue.

The region is lined by a long stretch of beautiful shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. There are also hiking trails all over with different difficulty levels that lead to view decks with even more stunning vistas of the coast.

Guy carries girl as they share a kiss behind a hat at Cape Kiwanda during their elopement shoot with Off Path Photography

Couples on the more adventurous side can also engage in some fun activities. This includes surfing, off-road ATVs, and horseback riding at the beach. Our Oregon elopement packages can include candid photos of you in action.

For couples with a more chill vibe, on the other hand, there are some activities near Cape Kiwanda that might just float your boats too. You can, for example, get pampered with a relaxing massage at the nearby spa or just enjoy some peace and quiet with a romantic beach bonfire.

#2 – Cannon Beach

As one of the most accessible places on this list, you can easily bring your family and friends with you on your big day at Cannon Beach. As long as you can keep the headcount down, including photographers and officiants, to under 50 people, then you wouldn’t need to apply for a special permit.

With the location’s beautiful views, you’re really going to want to bring your loved ones there to enjoy the day with you!

Bride leans against the groom's shoulder as he looks down at her and carries the bouquet for her at Cannon Beach, captured by Off Path Photography

Cannon Beach is home to a rich mix of sandstone and sandy beaches. It makes for a stunning backdrop especially at the iconic Haystack Rock, the incredible monolithic sandstones of Hug Point, or the of the dramatic waves crashing into the rocks at Chapman Point.

If you want a change of pace, you can also use Ecola State Park with its lush greenery as an elopement venue. Want to use them all? No problem, these locations are all within a few miles’ drive.

#3 – Columbia River Gorge

If you’re after dramatic backdrops, however, then the Latourell Falls at the Columbia River Gorge probably has a slight edge against the rest of the venues in this list. The immense waterfall gives you a multisensory experience. There’s just something to seeing and hearing the water crashing onto the rocks that are just so soothing to the soul.

The Latourell Falls at the Columbia River Gorge, a dramatic backdrop for Oregon elopement shoot packages

It also helps that the hike up to the Latourell Falls makes for an excellent forest bathing experience. The lush green and the sound of nature make for a perfect prelude to a wild swimming adventure!

#4 – Painted Hills

Photos taken at Painted Hills, whether from professional photographers or from tourists walking about, always convey a sense of magic. The beautiful colors of deep red dirt and greyish ash just make for a picturesque background perfect for stunning photos.

The hills tell a story that’s millions of years in the making. If you elope here, you’ll be adding your equally beautiful love story into this epic narrative.

The majority of the trail has a boardwalk so it should be easy to traverse for different fitness levels. So, if you’re looking for a place to elope with a small group of friends and family, the Painted Hills is definitely well worth considering.

Customizable Inclusions for Off Path’s Oregon Elopement Packages

Off Path Photography’s approach to Oregon Elopement Packages is pretty straightforward. We provide couples a way to celebrate their love story in a carefree and adventurous way.

Planning Sessions

As a husband-and-wife team working in the wedding industry, we have a deep understanding of what couples really want in an elopement – adventure, convenience, and that intimate vibe that you just can’t get at full-blown weddings.

Our years of experience helping couples in their elopement have made us efficient in organizing and planning. We even wrote this elopement guide to nudge you in the right direction.

Location Scouting

We understand that there are a million and one things that keep you busy from planning the elopement. That’s why we include location scouting as part of our Oregon elopement packages in case you need it.

View of the breathtaking coastline in Oregon, one of the elopement locations

Booking Travel and Accommodations

We’ll help you with the logistics. From recommending places we’ve already been to help you in booking travel and accommodations, our Oregon elopement packages are geared towards making everything as carefree for you as it can be. After all, not having lots of details to worry about is supposed to be one of the best reasons elopements are different from weddings!

Officiant (Ross is officially ordained)

Ross, other than being the Spotify DJ, bartender, and barista for the whole team, is also officially ordained so we added his services to our Oregon elopement packages as well. This means you won’t have to add an officiant to the headcount. This gives you more room to invite more of the people you love to your intimate elopement.

Lauren and Ross Boyles of Off Path Photography smiling as they embrace each other

Final Word on Oregon as an Elopement Destination

We at Off Path Photography have become huge fans of Oregon’s natural beauty. It’s an inviting place that’s truly off the beaten path!

The breathtaking waterfalls, scenic hikes, and enchanting hills are all primed to be the perfect destination. Off Path Photography is ready to fill in the blanks to turn it into that perfect dream elopement venue that you have already brewing in your head.

Now, let’s make it happen!


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Collage of photos of couple posing during their elopement shoot at Cape Kiwanda; image overlaid with text that reads Oregon Elopement Packages + Locations

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