Top 3 Reasons To Have A Mt. Rainier Elopement

If you’re thinking about having a Mt. Rainier elopement, we vote a big YES. This is such a special part of the world!

Top 3 Reasons To Have A Mt Rainier Elopement

#1 – Mt. Rainier’s Jaw Dropping Beauty

Just take a look at these photographs of Mt. Rainier… I mean, come on! This is one of our favorite places to shoot because it’s honestly hard to get a bad shot in the midst of all this beauty. Snow-capped peaks, tumbling rivers, forest glens full of wildflowers – a Mt. Rainier elopement is chock full of stunning scenes. Plus, there are miles and miles of trails to explore, with new views around every corner. So if you’re looking for adventure, Mt Rainier National Park is the perfect place.

#2 – Mt. Rainier’s Trails Are Open All Year Round

Lots of incredible national parks are inaccessible in the winter, with trails blocked and roads closed by snow. Now, some parts of Mt. Rainier National Park do shut down during the winter, but a great reason to plan a Mt. Rainier elopement is that you get so much flexibility. With stunning colors in the fall, lush growth in the spring, wildflowers in the summer, and a winter wonderland at the end of the year, this place serves up beauty all year round.

#3 – There Are Lots of Amazing Wedding Vendors Around

One of the balances you have to strike when you’re planning an elopement is the compromise between luxury and adventure. Every couple will be up for something different! The nice thing about the Mt. Rainier area is that you don’t lack amenities – from adorable Airbnbs to wonderful restaurants. You can make your Mt. Rainier elopement as adventurous or as glamorous as you want!

Wondering what the difference between a wedding and an elopement actually is? We’ve got you covered with this article! And if you’re looking for some elopement experts to help you pull your day together (and take some epic photos along the way!) we’d love to talk: get in touch with us here.

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